Update to Experian "Suspicious Request" letter I sent 9/12. Got this today and not only did they reply (even though the original letter they sent stated they would not correspond with me for any more disputes) they removed BOTH public record tax liens as I demanded!!!! I call this WINNING





Today is day 31.....printed my report. FICO scores up over 100 points since I started in early August....we're in the low 5's. Working on bankruptcy....2 of 3 bureaus sent letters saying they validated. They provided nothing with my signature. None were marked disputed on credit report. Third bureau did nothing. Today finishing letter 2 and sending to bureaus. Super stoked to see what my score will jump with this bankruptcy removed. It works people.....you can do it! Thanks Shawn!

John C










Shawn asked me to post this email that I sent him:
First, let me just say that I am thrilled to have found your information, you are a wealth of knowledge! Let me apologize in advance for the length of this email, but I believe you are just the person to help me and I may even be able to help you and your members. Over the past year I have been fighting off creditors and debt collectors over unpaid credit cards. As a paralegal for over 10 years, I am extremely organized, well educated about my rights under the laws and tenacious!!!! Having said that, I have been sending the attached validation letter (certified mail/return receipt) to every creditor or debt collector that has contacted me. None of these creditors or debt collectors has EVER provided me with competent evidence that I have any legal obligation to pay them. Once they are unable to provide me with competent evidence I have been sending them the attached cease and desist letter (certified mail/return receipt) however, I have had numerous debt collectors not abide by this letter and as a result, I have sent up to two additional cease and desist letters. My question is this....I am pissed off and angry at these debt collectors that do not abide by the law, and I am ready to nail them to the cross! Because of my legal experience I would like to turn the tables o n EVERY ONE of these creditors or debt collectors that have violated any section of the FDCPA. While I understand this may be time consuming and a little costly, I believe that I can come out ahead. Any thoughts?
Also, do you think the attached letters that I have already sent for over a year with certified return receipts would be an acceptable replacement for your Creditor Letters #1-4? Trying not to have to re-create the wheel. Should I now move on to Reporting Bureau Letter #1



In less than 2 weeks TransUnion deleted all these items and credit score went up almost 160 points...to a 760!!!!!! Trust the process, it works!!!!

Leah H


Richard W




Just did my daily check of my reports....an acct I had that was a car loan which was repossessed after a bad divorce was removed. So in the past 48 hours...1 judgment, 2 collection accts, and a derogatory acct (repossession) all removed. I am telling you folks...this stuff works!

Roger M




In Our Group Conversation :

Shawn A

I won't divulge the name but here's the story. Was using LL for 12 months (spent $1,200 so far) 28 of 38 items removed. 10 more to go @$100 a month. PLUS his daughter has an issue (an additional $100 a month= $200 while both people are not resolve). Was wondering why it took so long? Progress was great. 28 gone over 12 months, but NOW (in hindsight and per our chat) it seemed slow. Why? LL collects $100 a month if you are in the program. The client would assume they would attack all 38 issues at the start. Then the client realized they only do a few a month so they can make the process longer and collect more!!! Just an FYI!!!


Roger  M

Yeah.....crazy! I figured as much! I don't have that much to do....a collection only reporting on 1 bureau, bankruptcy on all 3 bureaus, and 2 bad credit card accts with late payments! I'm progressing just fine! Lol

Ben L

I used them for a year for me and my wife. They did ok at first and then it stalled. When I called to cancel, that is when they told me that they would offer me free "Escalation" services. I asked if the attorney who was handling my case actually reviewed the case, which they told me absolutely. Then why would they only offer me the free service when I was cancelling? Shouldn't the attorney see that this was not working any longer and offer me this service? We needed your permission to escalate this. You should have logged in and asked for the service. Oh, for the service that I did not know existed? Yes Sir. Sent my letters out today.



Experian (EXPGF), Equifax (EFX) and TransUnion, the three main agencies that track your credit, have agreed to follow new guidelines to handle disputes on your reports, according to a settlement announced Monday by the New York Attorney General.


Shawn A




2 of the 3 closed collections (the 2 TransUnion accts at the bottom)I had reporting derogatory on my CR were removed yesterday! Man.....I'm loving this!

Roger M

Had a great chat with Juan Mcghee earlier. He used the Public Records Validation section to nail the credit reporting bureau to the wall!
Apparently the woman at the courthouse will even testify for him that the credit reporting bureau never verified the information with the courthouse (the original source which is who a public record has to be verified with).

Shawn A.



Just got off the phone with TransUnion....had old addresses and phone numbers removed.

Roger M