Credit repair programs

  • 08/20/2016

Credit Repair Programs

The five step credit repair programs are very, very easy to follow because of a step-by-Step detailed program.

The programs explains how the credit reporting companies work. It also explains how Federal Laws protect the consumer and how you can use sample letters (in a specific order) and have negative information (i.e. late payments, derogatory credit information, negative public records, etc.).

Step 2
Another step is the removal of the negative items begins to boost your credit score. The program even shows you how to obtain additional credit cards without “hard inquiries” (these are the type of inquiry by a creditor or potential creditor or employer that lowers your credit score).

The program reveals how to have seasoned tradelines (credit cards histories, loan histories) that have established payment histories added to YOUR credit report.

The program explains how to add additional credit information, good accounts that you have but were somehow removed, back to your credit history.

The program shows you how to have the most recent “hard inquiries” that added credit cards removed.

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