YOU have a choice:

1. YOU can RAISE your credit score (and get charged lower interest rates, get higher credit limits, get more and faster approvals and lower interest rates for loans (car, house, etc.), get better jobs (employers check your scores and low scores hurt you).


2. Do nothing. Continue to suffer being denied credit, pay higher interest rates, and maybe even lose a job to another person who has a higher credit score, etc.

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Most Americans have no idea what their credit score is. Those that do fall in 2 categories.

The first is the "high score" category. Those in this category feel less stress, are better of financially, and have a better self worth.

The second category includes the "low credit score" people. They have high interest rates that results in less disposable income. They are stressed, angry, and wish to themselves they had higher credit scores because they realize they are suffering due to their low scores.

AGAIN - It's all on you. You can stay where you are and suffer. Or you can do something that you KNOW will benefit you. It's EASY. It's NOT expensive.