Other credit discussions on facebook It’s amazing to read some of the bizarre post people post on Facebook in fix your credit type groups. One group had a member who recommended some company (I wont mention them). When I went to their website they had a telephone number posted in big print. I tried to call them but company the number was DISCONNECTED!!! Can you imagine someone recommending to another member a company that fixes and restores credit scores yet the company is out of business? LOL That’s why is for real. Check out the following page as well: When we emailed back and forth about the success members have had, as Neil spoke about his thoughts on the seeing the success of this program, Neil said “This is getting exciting for me.” Imagine that! Neil Garfield is getting excited about how you can fix your credit. Nedil Garfield from “Living Lies” talks about fix your credit Get our book that is FREE (and short) and get YOUR answers to questions that you ask. Employers often check your credit scores When applying and use that as part of the decision to hire you. When applying for a new job, employers often check your credit score. Can you imagine yourself as the employer? What would you do if you were torn between two potential employees. Does it make sense to hire the person with a higher credit score? Wouldn’t you think it makes the person with a higher credit score more reliable and trustworthy? Join a free webinar and get ALL YOUR questions answered. New credit repair options offerred New credit repair options are offered for existing for members. Existing members will keep free access to the closed Facebook group. Gear up now to fix your credit and repair your score. Raise your credit score fast and easily. Our goal is to help Americans raise scores higher than the average credit score. You can get higher credit. Lower your interest rates. Option 1 Pay a one time $49.99 fee and receive the current plan. The current plan today is Version 5.0 but will change as time passes. Option 2 Pay a one time fee of $49 and you have immediate access to the closed Facebook group (where the current plan is filed and updated going forward). There will also be a $10 fee commencing the following month to retain access to the closed Facebook group (discussions, advice, plan updates, etc.). The reason for the change is that we feel the fees are still very, very, very inexpensive. Help us give more funds to be distributed to those in need.We take the money paid by people, and distribute it to those in need. Do easy repair. You can benefit greatly. Raise the average credit score very much (one person raised it 160 points in 2 weeks). Attend a very small and intimate webinar. Click on and join a webinar. Member takes off flying One of our members, Leah H raised her credit score in 2 weeks!!! See the PROOF page. Living Lies Website On Living Lies ( the foreclosure expert attorney has mentioned and the great job we do. Most people facing a foreclosure have bad credit. Learn how to legally raise your credit score. Get more credit cards, higher limits, and pay less interest (on credit cards, vehicle loans, mortgages, etc.). less than 3 weeks to remove bankruptcy It took Roger less than 3 weeks to have a bankruptcy and 4 inquiries removed from his credit report! Partial Truth Credit bureaus The REAL conspiracy is among the “big three” credit bureaus. They want to keep your scores low, and they “educate”. You with PARTIAL TRUTHS so you believe their lies about how “hard” it is to change their “official-sounding” reports. Why? Read more Other terrible credit fix sites It is sickening how many other sites exist to help people but all they seem to do is overcharge and deliver less results. I saw one site where there is an upfront fee of $99 and THEN they had the greed to charge another $99 EVERY MONTH!!! That meant the cost for 1 year was $1,287!!! Read more