Other terrible credit fix sites

  • 08/17/2016

It is sickening how many other sites exist to help people but all they seem to do is overcharge and deliver less results.

I saw one site where there is an upfront fee of $99 and THEN they had the greed to charge another $99 EVERY MONTH!!! That meant the cost for 1 year was $1,287!!!

I won’t mention the fresh credit organization (that would get publicity which they don’t deserve). You can see who they are on Facebook.

Some are greedy but less greedy. They only want to take $49 or$59 or $89 a month!!

Some are “savy” (get it look it up) and they vare on sale. Instead of the usual $1,495 they only want to take $995 from you!!! Aren’t they nice? I don’t think so.

Desperate people “believe” what they hope will happen and throw away money in bif piles!